Date : Aug 01, 2020 By : Aniegboka


Fighting for what is right and just has been my dream since I was a girl because of my past experience. I was not only a victim of gender inequality but other injustice, rape not excluded. Today I stand for support and justice for every girls and women that is or was abused, raped and assaulted. I stand to give hope and raise fighters like me. And together, we stand to speak out. It's so disheartening that few days ago, a 22 year old undergraduate student of microbiology was brutally raped and beaten up by four men. Three days later, she lost her fight to live as she eventually lost to death. Again few days ago, another undergraduate, a muslim girl who covers her head from head to toe was also raped and butchered with knife therefore also lost her life instantly as death was not on her side. Now, I ask myself, for how long!! I was also a victim of rape when I was a girl... Abused, assaulted, wronged and looked down upon. But I say enough is enough. Enough to these wicked act against girl- children and women. Enough of sexual harassment and rape. SNCC Ambassador of Change in Nigeria are organizing a road walk to speak out against this grievous act and injustice called RAPE! Every woman is called to support us in this fight, no matter your race, color, location and belief. The girls that were raped and killed were sisters, daughters, friends to someone and mothers. It is time we stop turning a blind eye to this injustice as injustice against one woman is an injustice against all women. Kindly support YERFOUNDATION by Joining this capaign against RAPE


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