What We Do

Youth Emancipation and Rehabilitation Foundation (YERF) non-governmental organization is proudly Nigerian based international (NGO), with the aim to creatively facilitating pro-active educational awareness and empowerment advocacy that can effectively help in tacking youth restiveness juvenile delinquency, physical, mental, emotional and psychological development, moral decadence & societal vices in a bid to contribute progressively towards nation building.
The above named organization became a body in the year 2007, with networks of youth clubs cutting across the six geopolitical zones of the federation , whereas considering the enormous challenges on youth restiveness and societal vices in Nigeria and Africa, we have since then engaged on pre-juvenile research, peace and conflict resolution professional training on our field staff, that can aid our aims, in building a reliable society.
Our organization has in time become a grass-root based (NGO), so as to enable us promptly disseminate information appropriately that will help in achieving our aims broadly. Youth Emancipation and Rehabilitation Foundation was legally constituted as a corporate entity with the Corporate Affair Commission at Abuja on 18th April 2007, and also enjoyed affiliations, supports and partnership from Government Agencies Youth Councils, Individual, Private and Government Organizations, International and National Non-Government Organizations Including Religious Bodies, carrying out her aims and objectives.
We believe that young people are the leaders of tomorrow and a critical resource for every country.
We intend to unlock the potential of young people to change their lives and the world around them.
On these foregoing basis, we have deemed it appropriate, patriotic and inline with international civilization and the advancement of humanity to contribute our quota towards nation building, by rising up to the challenges ahead, devoid of any Tribalism, Religion, Ethnic, Political or Racial Bais, We are convinced that by so doing, it will be a statement made for a better tomorrow.

Our Goal

  • To INFORM young people about the issues and concerns that affect their everyday living.
  • To EMANCIPATE the young people from Life threatening habits, circumstances and situations
  • To EMPOWER young people by imparting required skills and exposures and also provide them opportunities to develop to their fullest potential.
  • To INVOLVE young people in all the stages of their own personal development and that of their communities.

Our Core Values

LOVE: we mentor with love, impacting the right value, right attitude, leadership virtues & instilling confidence in the youths.

INTEGRITY: We  not only preach integrity, as a foundation and as individuals we practice it.

LEADERSHIP: This is why our focus is on the youths to inculcate in them real leadership virtues.

TEAM WORK: Together everyone achieve more.

RESPECT FOR ALL: We treat one another with respect and take pride in the significant contributions that come from everyone notwithstanding.


  • "Youth Emancipation and Rehabilitation Foundation team you are doing a great work."

    Anthony Jesugbamila
  • "Yerfoundation brings an excellent opportunity for the youth to come out and be truly leaders of today. Kudos to the administrators."

    David Onyeka
  • "I heard about Yerfoundation through a friend and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I got empowered through the skill acquisition program and I have become a boss of my own."

    Josephine Agbu
  • "I am truly glad to be a part of Yerfoundation. I am a proud volunteer and I am glad to say I have empowered so many youth through this noble foundation."

    Joseph Oladebo
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To groom at-risk youth to realize their full potential as responsible citizens and leaders.

To Empower, support and provide at-risk youth with the tools and resources they need to lead healthy, productive lives.

We Partnered with ALPHA KAPITAL MFB to avail loans to young farmers so they are engaged and don’t get into mischief.